Make your own website to promote your business. Remember keyword rich Domain Names.

Why wait? You’ve thought about building a website before, may even have had a little HTML training fooling around on Here are some valuable information I can give you. You get to learn from all my mistakes.

Picking a Domain name.

The first question we must answer in the brilliant plan of making a profitable website is; What do I want my domain name to be? Well, that depends on what your going to be doing on your site.

Naturally you want a keyword rich site don’t you?

For example, if I have a computer repair business I will want to include as many keywords as I can in my domain name. Even if this method makes the site a rather long name. You can always buy more than one domain, and use a shorter name that people will remember in addition to your keyword rich name. Wait but how much is this going to cost? The good news is since domains are dirt cheap, the answer is– not too much. GoDaddy has some of the best deals I’ve seen for Domain registrations starting at just $5.95-$7.95. A keyword-rich domain name is crucial in getting better rankings with Google, MSN, and Yahoo, the three major search engines that everybody uses. Buying more than one domain at a time? You may even qualify for deeper discounts.

Hosting my new Website. Who do I have host my site?

It is also good to know where to turn to for Domain hosting. Hosting fees can cost you an arm and a leg someplaces. I’ve known people that spend $250 a month in hosting fees. That’s a rare case but even when your spending $6 a month in hosting feees you are paying too much.Check out! They are a steal!

Geek Hosting dot com offers some of the best hosting deals I’ve ever seen starting at $1.95 a month.That’s a terriffic deal considering all the available freebies they have with their basic plan. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy saving loads of money on my hosting bills. Geek Hosting even has a download page where you can download useful open source(free) programs to help you with your website/business needs.

Posted By: Shane Fowler

About Shane G. Fowler

Fowler Computer Repairs desktop and laptop computers in the Rochester NH, Wakefield NH area. We also offer Local Business Internet Marketing Services and Copywriting for SEO.
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4 Responses to Make your own website to promote your business. Remember keyword rich Domain Names.

  1. Chris H. says:

    Please do not use geekhosting if you care about your site or your business. Worst host and worst cutomer support of all time.

    Please refer to the following link to find out more about just how darn bad this company is:

  2. Geek Hosting says:

    This guy Chris was a spammer and abuser on one of our servers. He likes to place information all over the internet. FYI

  3. Dear Readers,

    This is Shane Fowler, President of Fowler Computer in Hampton New Hampshire USA.

    I do not know the validity of comments relating to geek hosting. We at Fowler Computer do not use Geek hosting for our website. Fowler Computer uses its own web servers. We do not have statistical data about the quality of service that one will receive from the geek hosting company. If you need to be assured of excellent quality web design and hosting services, as well as cutting edge search engine optimization techniques then Fowler Computer

    If you would like your website hosted by Fowler Computer please contact me Shane Fowler at 603-978-3161

    -We have Search Engine Optimization/Hosting packages starting at 14.99 a month.

    -Web design packages starting at $199 for four full color web pages with up to 5 pictures.

    You can’t beat our prices, and if you do find someone to beat a Fowler Computer price then we will beat that price by one dollar*

    call a Fowler Computer representative today for more details.

    Fowler Computer is a computer company located at 19 Lafayette Road in Hampton New Hampshire.

    Fowler Computer offers the follwing services:

    -Computer Repair

    -New Custom Computer Building

    -Spyware protection

    -Security Plans for home and Business.

    -Search Engine Optimization

    -Home Office Networking

    -In home repair and training support.

  4. Chris M. says:

    Those are useful info up there. But wouldn’t it be nice to be sure that what we are doing is in fact, fool-proof, and sure to lead to financial freedom?

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