Mystery over PC-to-mobile trojan ticks off researchers

Anti-virus researchers complained Wednesday that a group claiming to have proof of the first PC-to-mobile Trojan hasn’t shared the sample, a normal practice among security investigators.

Monday, the Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association (MARA), which bills itself as a non-commercial collection of mobile malware researchers, said it had anonymously received malicious code it dubbed “Crossover.” The sample, said MARA, could cross-infect a Windows Mobile Pocket PC from a desktop PC running Windows.

According to MARA, the first-of-its-kind trojan spreads to the mobile device via Microsoft’s ActiveSync, then erases all files in the My Documents directory of the Windows CE- or Windows Mobile-based device.

But unlike the usual practice where virus researchers share samples, MARA is not willing to let others see the code, no-strings-attached, say some commercial researchers. They’re left without a way to confirm Crossover’s existence or MARA’s claims, or update their own signatures to defend against the attacker.

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