Must see this Scam Integrated Automation International job offer from craigslist.

Beware technical people…the new scam Integrated Automation International

I listed computer repair services on a free online classifieds service and a short time later received correspondence from a gentlemen named Doug. They offered me a job part time installing TV parts telling me that they needed people to service these telivisions (HD TVS) in peoples homes. All I have to do is make the appointments with the customers and service the telivisions. I began to get suspicious when the gentleman doug could not say the word “automation” without stumbling through the word. He told me that he would email me out a new hire packet and in it would be a W-9 form and a non-disclosure agreement. When I got back to my computer and saw the new hire forms for Integrated Automation International I noticed the forms did not look very professional. There was no company logo on the page anywhere and the text size and color didnt look like anything an authentic company would use. From document to document the address of the company changed from

2250 E. Tropicana – Suite 19-101

Las Vegas Nevada


63 Via Pico Plaza, #541             

San Clemente, CA 92672             

 I cannot find any information on this company that supposedly conducts business in California and Nevada.  If they contact you please file a report with the FTC so we can put a stop to this


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11 Responses to Must see this Scam Integrated Automation International job offer from craigslist.

  1. Jake says:

    Hi there. I worked as a backup tech for this company (IAI or Integrated Automation Int’l) in November and December. At the very LEAST, they are frustrating to work with. They underpaid me for the first check, and I am waiting with baited breath to see if they make it up in the second check. Even if they do, I would be wary of working for them. They are at least extremely unprofessional, at least to their backup techs. When I needed to reach them while on a client site, they were very eager to reach me. When I wanted to get paid or find out when I would be paid or how much, or tried to find out why I was underpaid, they almost never returned my calls or emails.

    I will post another comment here on the results that appear in their next check. Even if they square up, I will probably avoid working for them in the future.

    And their website and documents are strangely unprofessional!

  2. Jake says:

    Well, the results are in. Jason Allen (his email is: ) told me in an email that the latest check they sent would make up for the previous shortfall. Not only did this latest check NOT include the missing funds from the previous check, but they only paid me for four out of the eight jobs I did in December. The check is $300 short.

    IAI, or Integrated Automation International, is a completely unethical, fraudulent company. Do NOT work for them under any circumstances. Report them to the FTC if they contant you. Email me for details if you need them.

  3. Glen C Simmons says:

    I am the President of IAI, and have been since 1987, so I’ll take it upon myself to respond.

    Tech #1 – I agree the government supplied W9 forms could look more professional, and am sorry to hear you don’t like the colors on the other material. Question … did you happen to notice a letter from the President (me) included in your Back-Up tech hiring package? In it you are invited to contact me personally at any time! So … why didn’t you?

    Tech #2 – In your Back-Up tech hiring package is a written breakdown of exactly what you will be paid, and when … so if you have questions about your pay, all you have to do is contact Granville at 800 367 7794, or accounting directly at 800 367 0898 X5#

    I believe the people you mentioned are in our Las Vegas Dispatch operation. Over the last month or so they have just gone through the move from “Hell”, so it’s not surprising if some of you have been frustrated (count me in that group!).

    Example: While moving the whole operation to a larger facility, the telephone company:
    (a) delayed the move for two weeks … on the day of the scheduled move and with no prior notice!
    (b) failed to properly install equipment in the new location, causing an additional week+ of further disruptions in service!

    Imagine! Both telephone and email communication between our customers and field technicians were disrupted for the better part of a month! Can you imagine the mess that created?

    One of the really negative consequences was that the payroll paperwork for our Back-Up field technicians was late being sent into accounting. December and January! (An email was sent to all the effected techs warning them about the delay, but still … it shouldn’t have happened.)

    Anyway, you can see things have been more than a little disrupted in our Las Vegas Dispatch operations lately. Please accept my apologies for the general inconvenience this has caused.

    BOTTOM LINE: Accusing IAI of running a scam based on … what? “Doug couldn’t pronounce the word Automation? Text size on a government form? Company logo – color?” What utter nonsense!

    If ANYONE has ANY questions about IAI, feel free to contact me directly – 800 367 0898 X4# (the same number that’s in your welcome letter)

  4. Jake says:

    I am glad to see that Glen Simmons has responded with a reasonable explanation. If my payment problems are resolved, I will retract my statements that IAI is unethical.

    I am completely open to the possibility that it was an honest error, and that a difficult move is partly responsible.

  5. Tammy says:

    I cannot get a response from this company in regard to setting up an appt for a tech to come and install the part I have gotten for my broken HD tv. Mr. Simmons, PLEASE help! My case # is x44231, I have been waiting 2 months all together.
    Thank you

  6. Hmm, that is an interesting thread. I too am a tech who uses Craigslist for advertizing purposes at times. If I am contacted by such companies it will make me think twice and check out a situation a lot more thoroughly before just hopping on.

    Thanx so much. Davin

  7. Todd Ojala says:

    I did a large number of jobs for IAI in November and December. I have been severely underpaid. IAI still owes me $325. That is a fact. I have been very patient about having this mess cleared up before pursuing a complaint with the FTC, as Shane Fowler suggests, or filing a claim in court. If you are out there, Mr. Simmons, please return my calls and emails, and let’s get this resolved. I enjoyed the work – but that’s not enough if you don’t get paid, is it?
    SCAM WATCH STATUS: IAI could be a complete scam, but I am still hoping that they come through and pay me honestly.

  8. Daniel says:

    I am a tech for IAI, and I have had no problems with the company what-so-ever!! If you read the hiring packet you know exactly when your suppose to turn in your paperwork and when you’ll be getting cut a check. Blast them all you want but I have had no problems they have kept every promise ever made to me. And if your WHINNERS, would get in touch with people maybe you wouldn’t be having these problems. Double check and make sure they got your work orders, how hard is it to pick up a phone and go “ok, guys did you get it?” it’s not. I’m glad i found this website, even the president of the company responded, why don’t you call him? You know he has some sort of pull in the company. QUIT BEING LAZY!!

  9. ruumis says:

    If there’s any doubt about IAI’s horribly unprofessional business practices and bungling of operations, look here:

    Jason is a good guy, I worked with him extensively today, but they really need to get on the ball. The subcontractor they hired (Herbert Electronics) to service my HDTV was all but clueless about the procedure. I ended up doing 90% of it myself, while on the phone with Jason. I also think Westinghouse needs to reexamine who they hire to do their warranty field work.

    I had been trying to get IAI to do this work since July 2006, and it just got done today (March 24, 2007). I think that really says it all.

  10. Paul says:

    What’s your excuse now Glen Simmons. Why aren’t we being paid yet? IAI support is a loser company. Dont ever work for them unless you like working for free.

  11. don cooper says:

    Well I can attest to the lack of Upper management on the part of Glen Simmons. He’s a talker, I was “terminate” due to policy violations. Truth of the matter was that He was running the company into the ground. Underpaying techs when/if he paid them at all. I have a copy of the original database that was in the server prior to my arrival at the company and was expressly forbidden to contact or use any techs from that list and not given a reason why. Later I found out why. Over 80% of the techs in the old database were either shorted or not paid at all. The boss was unhappy with the fact that he was incompentent and made it a point on a weekly basis to literally piss off the companies we had contracts with. In the time I was there we lost 3 major contracts with known HD tv companies and on numerous occasions he took vacations because he could when he was needed for correspondence. IF you are contacted by them to do anything more then refer someone I would have them not contact you again. I am a professional computer jocky and was introduced into the world of HD tv repairs which was fairly simple but, there was little or no training other then a few manuals in the office and my boss who I respect greatly (jason) did all we could to learn the new products and support the techs in the field which we were in charge of hiring and training. I liked the job hated the way it was run. And for the record me and Jason did all we could to get the techs paid in the field. Please understand that numerous times we were overruled on payments and quite often ignored completely when we submitted requests for underpayment.

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