Remove Contra Virus or better yet dont install ContraVirus in the first place.

Today at Fowler Computer a home business customer had accidentally installed a malware program called ContraVirus thinking it was a legitimate program. She had been working on removing the Contra Virus software for about 12 hours before contacting me.

New Do it yourself removal instructions!

Warning: Fowler Computer is not responsible for any harm that you may do to your computer using these techniques. Always seek advice if you are not sure what to system processes to delete and what you should keep.

If you would feel more comfortable having me walk you through the necessary removal steps over the phone then please send $30 paypal payment to

Callback Times

I will call you back between the hours of 6-8pm EST M-F and 10AM-10PM SA-SU on the same day that I receive payment.

If you would like to talk to me first that would be fine. Please call 603 978-3161.

Want to prevent future attacks like Contra Virus?

Not only will I help you remove ContraVirus but I will also give you recommendations on how to protect yourself from future attacks.

Contra Virus can be found at If you click on the free scan(dont do it) on thier webpage it directs you to save a executable file. Should you run the file cv_1_setup.exe you will be bombarded with system alert screens telling you that your computer is infected and you should buy ContraVirus software.

Unfortunately this type of program is commonplace in a world where there are few laws governing software programs or the companies that create them. More bad news… its not easy to remove, but I figured it out in 20 minutes


A technician from the Fowler Computer Repair Office in Hampton NH can solve your computer issue immediately.

Yes we can fix it no matter where you are! Call Fowler Computer at 603-978-3161.

Malware is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. It is a portmanteau of the words “malicious” and “software“. The expression is a general term used by computer repair professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.

Fowler Computer is a full Service On Site Computer Repair Company. Fowler Computer offers on-site services in Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Nothern Massachusetts. We guarantee that our customers will receive quality professional service with each computer repair visit. Fowler Computer Repair Service Area includes but is not limited to Hampton, Portsmouth,  Rye, Hampton Falls, North Hampton, Kingston, Exeter, Stratham, Newmarket, Dover.


About Shane G. Fowler

Fowler Computer Repairs desktop and laptop computers in the Rochester NH, Wakefield NH area. We also offer Local Business Internet Marketing Services and Copywriting for SEO.
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20 Responses to Remove Contra Virus or better yet dont install ContraVirus in the first place.

  1. Kevin Yarrow says:

    Computer Infected with ContraVirus. Cant get rid of Contra Virus. Need removal of Contra Virus
    I just wanna know how to get rid of this Contra Virus thing. Its really pissing me off. Ive been trying to remove contra virus for days. Please help. Thank you.

  2. JR says:

    Same problem with contra virus. I have tried everything to remove contravirus. The world out here needs FREE HELP against attacks like contravirus.

  3. manoj says:

    pl. help me learn how to remove contravirus from my computer. I have tried my best to remove contravirus but have failed. If you know of anyway to remove contravirus then please email me with the fix.

  4. billy says:

    What a great help Fowler Computer! I was able to remove contra virus finally.

  5. Shane Fowler says:

    Here are a couple of tips for removal….

    Find and Stop Contra Virus Processes:

    Find and Unregister Contra Virus DLL Files:

    Find and Remove Contra Virus registry values:
    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\EA038DDD-0FE0-41f5-BA60-FC3660529E71
    Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\ContraVirus.exe

    Find and Delete Contra Virus Files:
    ContraVirus 2.0.lnk
    ContraVirus 2.0 Website.lnk
    Uninstall ContraVirus.lnk

  6. Laronda says:

    please please please tell me how to get rid of this dumb contravirus thing PLEASE

  7. jim says:

    this thing has me wanting to throw the dam thing out. help

  8. Clarisse says:

    OMG thank you sooo much Fowler Computer! It actually works. I was able to remove contravirus and I had tried everything!

  9. Karron says:

    Hi,I’m not very good at these things,I got to the part of pull it out on to your background,I don’t know how to do that can you help me out ?thank you this is driving me crazy!!!!

  10. jack white says:

    I have been trying to get this dam thing out of my computer for a week please help

  11. Ilhami celik says:

    Thank you very much Shane for your help in get rid of “contra virus” trouble. You more clever than the creater of the contra virus.
    Thanks again and again.

  12. Joe says:

    My search for contra virus files only found 1 contravirus file, and it can`t be deleted. Now what? The (C:;D:) is not valid either ???I really could use your help getting rid of this Contra Virus Pest

  13. Kay says:

    Thanks, Shane. I spent $30 and about 30 minutes on the phone with Shane from Fowler Computer and we eliminated the virus completely. He even gave me tips for keeping furture attacks from happeneing. Now just like magic, my contra virus pop-up is completely removed. I am once again at peace. Thanks so much for helping out all of us computer-challenged folks out here remove the contravirus.

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  15. Grace says:

    thanks Shane for the detailed contra virus removal instructions for getting rid of the contra virus. it really works! thank thank u!I did not think that removal of contra virus was going to be possible. But now thanks to you I have not lost al of my important documents and images. Thanks again for helping me to remove contra virus,

  16. guitar dude says:

    omg Fowler Computer thanks so much. i got contra virus and deleted contra virus and then i got infected with contra virus again! i dont know how im getting contra virus becuase i never see a thing where i save it i just get on and its installed. I must be getting contra virus from a site that i go to. well just got rid of contra virus again and hopefuly i dont go to that site again. thanks again dude.

  17. joolz says:

    Yup, I’m the dope who inadvertently installed ContraVirus that Shane’s talking about. Glad to see my dilemma could ultimately help others. Shane was awesome. He was fast, uber knowledgeable and helpful. Nice guy too to share the fix with other folks. Thanks again Shane.

  18. Dietra says:

    Thanks again Shane!

    For someone I’ve never seen, heard of, or been introduced to by a human (lol), you SURE ARE EASY TO WORK WITH!! So there is a GOD! lol This problem was taken of so painlessly and quickly. That’s AFTER all of my hair was pulled out but it’s still good! CONTRAVIRUS NO MORE!!

    Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to be SURE the problem was resolved. Please know that you are appreciated and for the small fee..PLEASE. You’ll never get it elsewhere that’s for CERTAIN! Thank you Thank you!!

    Dietra Jones

  19. AVANCIL says:

    Just downloaded the free Microsoft Defender and it has eliminated the contra virus and all its components from my system…was easy to load, but be sure you run the full system scan following its initial quick scan!

  20. please help me woth this contra virus i want it off of my computer this is really a hoax and i hope other people will never do this please help me. Kathy

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