Contra Virus Removal ***Secret Uninfection Tips

If your new to this Contra Virus Infection please bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) and try one or all of the links below for instructions
For you guys already pulling your hair out. The secret is with some installations there is a file running in the system or system32 folder called xpuupdate.dll or xpuupdate.exe You need to run hijack this and create a log file. You can then open that log file up in note pad. Go to Edit menu click Find and search for xpu and contra it will search the log file of running programs for you and highlight the first thing it comes to that matches. Repeat process until you find no more. Now you must run hijackthis and find those suspicious entries put a check in the box next to them and get rid of contra virus for good.
I really hope this helps you remove Contra Virus.
Please leave comments to let me know if you are successful in removing contravirus 2.0.
P.S. Did you know that the site is MIA for the past two days.
I wonder if they got shut down?

Its really amazing how many infections there are sweeping across the nation since the beginning of June.

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7 Responses to Contra Virus Removal ***Secret Uninfection Tips



    Thank you for you help with contra virus remove. I took so long to do by myself but you help me fix contravirus fast.
    God Bless

  2. Kaye Wahl says:

    I found the xpuupdate.exe file but I am unable to delete. I do not know how to “hijack” something in windows. Can you point me in a direction to figure out.

  3. Marie Obremski says:

    Hi Shane we spoke on the phone earlier today
    I have a Windows 98 operating system and don’t know how to get rid of contra virus. I have been tearing out my hair trying to get rid of this contra virus thing. Please advise me with removal instructions for $40. I shall send the payment through paypal and we can remove this contra virus nightmare.

  4. Robbie says:

    To Shane, Thank you very much for the tips…they really worked a charm!! And to Kaye,hijack this a freeware utility/program you can download from the internet,just go to google and go download it from the search results and then you run the program and delete/fix anything that has xpu or contra,meaning you can search the results from hijack this one by one looking out for anything with those two terms checking the boxes next to them then click fix…That I hope is clearer to you. Thanks again for the tip Shane!!!

  5. karri says:

    how do i remove this contra virus myself? i went to the link and am so confused!!! HELP PLEASE

  6. bill c says:

    It works. I ran hijack this. It found two contra virus files and a xpupdate file. I left hijackthis deal with the 3 files. That removed contra virus and the Virus Alert icon in the lower right corner. I did not use notepad. I just visually searched the log. The whole process took about 15 minutes. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  7. Chella says:

    Hello.. Can u please tell me how to remove pop-up ads from my website instead of just blocking pop-ups???

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