Fowler Computer has changed location to Rochester NH.

Call Fowler Computer for

  • Custom Built Business and Graphics PC’s and upgrade parts. The best in NH.

  • Troubleshooting hardware/software issues

  • Virus/Spyware Problems
  • Data Recovery

Call Today or Bookmark (CTRL+D) for future reference

1+(603) 343-8331

Fowler Computer moves north

Fowler Computer is pleased to announce that it has moved its computer repair office from Hampton NH to its new location in Rochester NH.

Fowler Computer will still service computers onsite in the Portsmouth/Exeter area but now also include Rochester, Dover, Somersworth. We can even cover parts of Maine that are closeby Such as Sanford/Springvale area, and of course Kittery. With its relocation in Rochester NH Fowler Computer we can serve as far north as Conway NH.

Fowler Computer has been fixing Spyware related issues over the phone in the continental US due to a recent free help blog on the Contra Virus that was terrorizing the nation. Your calls are still welcome America, but no more UK calls please(my phone plan is not set up for international). If you need service in the UK or other foreign nations please drop an email to

Note to potential new customers: We can help you keep your computer spyware and virus free, as well as troubleshoot your networking or internal hardware when one or both goes kaput. We even offer custom built computers with all the bells and whistles for those of you that still like a quality machine out there.

If you need help with anything at all please call 603 343-8331. Be sure to leave a message with your name, phone number, and brief description of the computer problem you are experiencing in the event that you call after hours.

Want to learn more about us? …read on

Fowler Computer is in many ways like other computer repair companies.

Here’s how we are different.

We offer much more in the way of preventative measures to ensure that your computer continually runs without error for years to come. Many seemingly reputable computer repair companies either don’t want your computer to run great or really dont have an understanding of all the elements involved. We can explain things to you like what kind of antivirus and antispyware packages to stay away from (you would be surprised).

Try the other guys and then give us a call.

About Shane G. Fowler

Fowler Computer Repairs desktop and laptop computers in the Rochester NH, Wakefield NH area. We also offer Local Business Internet Marketing Services and Copywriting for SEO.
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3 Responses to Fowler Computer has changed location to Rochester NH.

  1. Thank you for letting us know. With all the big box stores taking over its nice to see the small business thriving! Keep it up!

  2. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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