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DATA RECOVERY EXPERT: Computer Repair in  New Hampshire

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Need data recovery on your computer’s hard drive due to complete failure or errors?

You need data recovery service when your hard drive refuses to boot into Windows.

Losing your valuable data, either by damage to your computer or accidental deletion is frustrating. Whether the lost files contain sensitive personal information such as bank statements, wills, resumes, treasured photographs, or data for your small business, the loss can be devastating and costly. Your data doesn’t have to stay lost, however. Data recovery services like Fowler Computer offers in Rochester NH specialize in restoring files that most people think would be unrecoverable. Before you give up and throw away your computer give us a call.

We offer data recovery services in Rochester NH to help you get your valuable pictures documents and spreadsheets back off of a crashed computer. If we can’t recover your target data then there is no charge.


Call or email for Data Recovery Service. Immediate service available in Rochester NH.

Email: with your specifics or call (603)-343-8331

If outside of NH, ME, MA.

You will be given detailed instructions on how to remove and pack your hard drive for shipping. If you would like to send your entire computer (minus keyboard mouse and monitor) shipping instructions can be provided for that as well.

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