I need my Computer Repaired. Where do I go for computer repair service in Rochester NH

Looking for computer repair Service in Portsmouth, Dover or Rochester NH?

Call Fowler Computer to schedule a appointment for computer repair service.
603 343-8331.
Located in Rochester NH, Fowler Computer repairs computers on site to make it easier on you.
Call or fill out the form below to schedule on site service.

Don’t have the time or expertise to unhook the jumble of wires behind your computer. Fowler Computer Repair goes to your home or office during your busy schedule to help you with all of your computer needs.

We offer many different types of computer repair services including:

Data Deletion(Secure Erasure)-Making sure your personal data is off of the computer before you donate it to someone is a no brainer in this digital age. Keep yourself protected from identity theft and other forms of fraud with this simple service. We can overwrite your data  up to 27 times so that even a skilled data recovery professional could not ever retrieve the data.

Data Backup-for when your computer crashes and you need back valuable documents or pictures.

Because we don’t ever want this to happen to you again, every data recovery solution comes with a 3oo Gigabyte external USB hard disk drive and the training to schedule backups on your own so you never have to lose your files again.


Spyware Removal-when you get too many popup ads and the computer doesnt respond the way it used to

Virus Removal– Get rid of those pesky viruses slowing down your computer systems performance.

Computer Upgrades– To get the best performance out of an existing computer system.

Custom Built Computers-for those that know the quality difference between buying a computer at a box store versus having a computer built to suit your needs.

User Training– Getting to know how to use your Personal Computer or laptop, online banking training, email, internet searches, myspace. Whatever you want to learn about Fowler Computer Repair can help.

Please call Fowler Computer Repair today at

603 343-8331

We serve the Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth areas and Southern Maine

About Shane G. Fowler

Fowler Computer Repairs desktop and laptop computers in the Rochester NH, Wakefield NH area. We also offer Local Business Internet Marketing Services and Copywriting for SEO.
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4 Responses to I need my Computer Repaired. Where do I go for computer repair service in Rochester NH

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  3. Alwasy good to see other locally owned computer companies

  4. Consultancy - PC Repair says:

    Like the content – we run a PC Repair company in Buckinghamshire England and the extensive list of computer support services your offering look great!

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