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Need onsite computer repair now in New Hampshire?

Onsite Computer Repair Serving the Greater Rochester area| Dover | Portsmouth NH | Berwick | Lebanon Maine.

Call to schedule on site repair service or simply fill out the form below.

“Don’t throw away your computer call Fowler Computer for in home computer repair.”

A quick call to Fowler Computer in Rochester NH and we will quickly help you rule out having throw away your system.  We have found simple things can make it appear as though your computer is broken. Some of the neat tricks we’ll show you in your onsite visit can make you a better informed computer owner.  Call us when you need computer repair and schedule an onsite visit.



How can we help you?  Got a question?  Need advice?  Contact us today.

(603) 343-8331

ON-Site Computer Repair Services NH

  • Virus removal
  • Performance boost
  • Wireless printer Installation
  • Wireless network Installation
  • Home Theater Installation
  • Training In Home or Office Computer Course our instructor works with all versions of Windows

Windows-XP-PRO-Windows-Vista-Home-Windows-7-Ultimate-Windows-8Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8




  • Apple ( ipad iphone Macbook Pro )
  • Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

I need my computer repaired in Rochester NH.

It can be frustrating making the decision to throw away that old computer or to keep repairing it. The hidden costs associated with buying a new computer can be enough to make the case for repairing your computer.

Afterall your important emails, pictures, documents, and music are already on the hard drive along with the previously installed programs from the manufacturer and installed programs like Microsoft Office and your Wireless Printer software that you may or may not have all the disks for. Relax, we’ll figure it out for you.

How can we help?

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for computer repair in Rochester NH or fill out the contact form below.

(603) 343-8331

IT Solutions
Drop off Service Center- Virus & Spyware Removal, Data Recovery,and other Complicated Repairs that involve soldering are repaired right here in our Rochester computer repair lab. Computer repair may require leaving your PC or laptop over night, but we will tell you if that is recommended

Computer Repair      Laptop Repair
Laptop Screen Repairs LCD & LED MONITOR REPAIR,
Notebooks, PC’s, Mac: We repair any make or model PC or laptop onsite including:

Wide Variety Of Parts- Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Ram Upgrade, Our prices are second to none.

Computer Repairs in Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth NH
Fowler Computer

Secure Business Class Networking Service- On site network installation either wired or wireless with encrypted security to give you piece of mind. Network Optimization Services toOngoing Maintenance Service Plans- for homes or businesses that want to get the most out of their computer systems and save on unforseen computer repair bills. Secure Email Addresses-An incredibly secure and spam free solution for all your home or office needs.

“Affordable, professional, and honest Computer Repair and Organic Search Engine Optimization Marketing”

How can Fowler Computer of Rochester NH repair my computer better than anyone else?

Yes, that’s a pretty bold statement.. Imagine you come in for computer repair due to a virus, spware or other malware. You click the first website  that comes up on google and decide to call them. How do you know whether the computer repair company you call really cares about giving you the best service or if they are just in the computer business becaue they want to make a fast buck, and move on to the next unsuspecting victim?

The Other Computer Repair Guys…

Other computer repair companies that I have talked with in the New hampshire area either don’t really know how to remove a virus or don’t want to spend the extra effort, and they will just completely wipe out your hard drive and reinstall the operating system without really trying to troubleshoot the problem that sent you in for computer repair in the first place. It ends up costing a whole lot more money because now someone has to reinstall all your software, your peripheral devices, and reconfigure all your security and desktop settings back to the way you had it when everything was fine. Not to mention that they will try to load you up with a bunch of junk software that doent really repair your computer, but keeps you at their mercy forever. It ends up costing a whole lot more money and all you get is a temporarily repaired computer and a bunch of junk software boxes to sit upon your bookshelf. The problem with the computer repair industry is that anyone can call themselves a computer repair technician regardless of their real world expertise in computer hardware and software repair. Many companies employ teenagers to do computer repair work on customers computers and then charge you $100, an hour for their inexperience. Fowler computer repair offers 26 years of experience with PC’s. All too often we hear from our New Hampshire clients how great our services are because we take the time to make sure that each customer understands how we did the repair and what caused the problem that needed to be fixed in the first place. Most importantly you want to know to avoid the problem in the future, or maybe we could even teach you how to repair your own computer next time something happens. The sky is the limit!  We will never talk down to you or try to talk way over your head to end a conversation, and we don’t assume you should know everything that we know about computer repair, otherwise why would you have called us? We will never make you feel like you should already know something that you don’t. Computer Training Classes With today’s job market its a necessity to have computer skills. We offer private classes in Basic Computer operations, and Microsoft Office to get you back to work, or to brush up on your current skills. Services We Offer You. Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Virus repair, Networking, Upgrades, New Custom built PC’s and setup. Organic Search Engine Optimization Marketing and Branding… Call for more details.

(603) 343-8331 or visit our home page at below link.

Computer Repair Rochester NH

Fowler Computer won’t delete your files and settings while repairing your computer.

We’ve heard all to often that the “other computer repair technician” took my computer and said that they would save the files but when my computer came back it was empty. If you have thousands of pictures from years ago and hundreds of contacts in your email there is no problem getting that data back even if your computer won’t boot. 99% of the time we can recover files from a dead hard disk.

Call now! (603) 343-8331

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Fowler Computer Repairs desktop and laptop computers in the Rochester NH, Wakefield NH area. We also offer Local Business Internet Marketing Services and Copywriting for SEO.
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4 Responses to Computer Repair In Rochester NH By Fowler Computer (603) 343-8331

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I would certainly recommend to others.

    • newhampshiretileinstallationcontractors says:

      Fowler Computer of Rochester NH, Thanks for making my computer run fast again. I had all kinds of browser redirects, spyware, viruses, toolbars (so I’m told this is bad) and no idea who to call that would actually know their stuff and be able to get rid of it all without reinstalling my computer system. I was trying to run a business, and was finding it hard to get any work done when I couldn’t even open a word document. I was told by other local computer repair companies that the fix would cost $300, but I can tell you I was charged a lot less than that. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to also come over and set my computer back up on the internet for me (glad I didn’t have to). Thanks again.

  2. yes thanks, i have solved my so many probs. How to repay you for computer repair help?

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