ICE Cyber Crime Center |DIY Malware Removal Guide (a.k.a. Green Dot Money Pak virus removal)

This is a warning to New Hampshire residents about a new Green Dot Money Pak MALWARE scam targeting computers all over New Hampshire.



take control of your computer rapidly once it is downloaded.
It can disable your task manager and even pop up in safe mode.

connect to a remote IRC server and forward the data to cyber criminals without a computer user’s awareness.

It cannot be simply uninstalled or removed in control panel. The removal instructions  are advanced.

The typical scam involves popup malware demanding they purchase Green Dot Money Paks to avoid being arrested on a warrant.

If you are infected please call now or book on-site service by filling out the form below.

Typical scammers messages usually employ scare tactics telling residents they;

  • missed jury duty,
  • committed a red light violation or
  • owe money to the IRS
  • downloaded illegal internet content
  • visited illegal pornography websites

If Malware blocks your computer with a notice from the “ICE Cyber Crime Center”, call a computer technician immediately.

This malicious code locks the computers screen with a message that accuses the user of visiting illicit web sites, then advises the user to purchase $300 of Green Dot Money Paks to get their computer unlocked.

The good news is ICE Cyber Crime Center malware can be removed without any damage to the computer system in most cases.

The scam is spread to unsuspecting computers

To unlock a computer, the scam victims must use an unlocked computer to find information on removing the locked screen by googling  “ICE Cyber Crime Center |DIY Malware Removal Guide”

New Hampshire Residents with limited computer skills should contact a reputable computer expert to help unlock their computer.

If someone you do not know tells you to purchase Green Dot Money Paks and read the security numbers to them, they are being scammed.

Legitimate local, state, county and federal officials do not call to threaten residents with arrest and demand immediate payment with Money Paks.

–Bay City News

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