2 Responses to This malware scam pops up on the screen pretends to be Microsoft support and offers an 800 number to call to fix your computer. This is not legitimate.

  1. Margaret says:

    I have just been given laptop with this problem. Owner received phone call about 4 weeks ago and let person on the phone access laptop. She brought laptop to me 4 weeks ago and only suspicious item there was TeamViewer that I removed. Today she brought laptop back with problem that you described. After this happen she changed her bank details(4 weeks ago) and started using laptop again. My question is : should she change her bank details again?

    • It doesn’t sound like the same problem since you are able to get into the computer. If the bank account number was changed after the infection was fixed then everything should be fine. I would also make sure that there is good antivirus and spyware protection so she doesn’t get reinfected.

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