Price of laptop screen replacent

Why do laptop repair stores charge so much for screen replacement?

With the increasing use of laptop computers that we have seen in our area (NH, ME)  recently there has been many requests to repair broken laptops needing screen replacement.

Technical information about laptop screens compatibility is not publicly available.  As a result, it is very complicated to derive which screen models are compatible with any given notebook model. For example sometimes an identical laptop is manufactured with the connector in the wrong side if the laptop.
Laptop experts are the only ones who possess this information and they try to conceal this data as hard as they can. As a result, big box stores charge higher prices for laptop screen repair and often will coerce you into just buying a new laptop.

A couple of years ago laptop screens were indeed quite expensive due to high production costs, but that has changed…
Production cost for LCD display has been significantly reduced. Compatibility information has been collected and put together by third-party companies. Ultimately, this resulted in the availability of laptop screens from sources other than laptop manufacturers.

Today, there are many third-party companies on the market that are selling laptop screens. All these companies offer more or less same prices, but not all are guaranteed.

Here is what we do to keep our prices the lowest on the market:
1. Everything, including ordering, processing, payment and customer support, is done in a timely manner, and by one computer technician. This results in fewer errors in the process, fewer human errors, and lower overhead cost.

Currently we are buying lcd laptop screens directly from manufacturers, or from third party non OEM vendors. If you are looking for a low cost screen repair then you will opt for a third party LCD screen vendor.

We retail not only laptop screens, but laptops as well.
Its our business to know the screen model that is compatible with your laptop.

To conclude:
Yes, it is true that laptop manufacturers quote high prices for replacement screens while our prices are among the lowest on the market, and always will be!

Give us a call now to schedule laptop screen repair service.
603 343-8331


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