Laptop Power Connector Repair.

 A customer called in with an Asus model k52f laptop. the customer stated that the laptop will no longer power on because the battery won’t hold any charge. At first she thought it was the power supply or the laptop battery itself and so she brought the laptop in 2 a battery store. they quickly noticed that her laptop power jack was loose and that when the cable was wiggled up and down it would cause the power to come on and go off when the upward pressure was released. upon further inspection of the computer we noticed some cracks along the bezel of the display. And bent fins on the heatsink as well as cracked plastic on the outside of the vent. it appears as though this laptop was dropped at least once and sustained some cosmetic damages as well as possibly being the cause of the DC power jack failure

the problem is that although when you’re holding up on the power cord it lights up and works…it’s pretty difficult to keep it there without it moving around. if you walk away from the laptop and it doesn’t have much battery charge and the wire happens to wiggle in the wrong direction then your computer is going to restart and you may possibly lose data and damage the hard drive or your Windows operating system. there are three ways to fix this problem.

1.)Resolder the power jack connector itself. If you can locate one of the connection points that is arcing (shooting small blue sparks) out because it doesn’t have any solder left on it.

2.) Buy a new DC power jack unit and wait for it to come in the mail. (You need a soldering iron and a solder sucker/remover tool)

3.) In some cases the DC power board is a separate board from the motherboard and in that case you can order one for easier (solder free) installation. it is the easiest most assured way of getting the repair done correctly. In this particular case the DC board is the home to the power jack, your RJ45 Network jack, one of the USB ports, the SD card holder as well as the CMOS battery. so if you happen to break any of those or your computer fails to Remember the Time and is stuck in November of 2010 this is the card you’ll want to look at.

Please note: if you have more than one laptop make sure you are using the correct power adapters for the laptop you are using. many different types of power adapters or Transformers exist ranging and wattage milliamp output Hertz and voltage. make sure that the adapter you are using is an oem adaptor or aftermarket adapter with similar specifications to the OEM version adapter.