toshiba satellite recovery dvd media how to repair your computer

Toshiba satellite recovery dvd media how to repair your computer

Toshiba Satellite

 Computer Repair Sales and Maintenance Service Company New Hampshire

This webpage will show you how ridiculouly easy steps to repair your

Toshiba Satellite laptop using the factory installed recovery partition on your computers hard drive.

Don’t have the Recovery Media for your Toshiba Satellite Laptop? Don’t worry all is not lost.

Toshiba Sattellite Laptop Computer when it needs reinstallation or recovery and that even if you do not have the original reinstall CD’s that came with it from the manufacturer there’s still hope.

Toshiba Laptop Computer Repair Sales and Maintenance Service Company New Hampshire


My Toshiba Satellite laptop wouldn’t bootup correctly and I decided to repair it by reinstalling the operating system (Microsoft Windows XP). A fairly easy task for a computer repair technician, but reinstallation of a laptop can be a nightmare for the unsavy computer user as I have learned from on site visits to my New Hampshire and Maine customers. With no Data Backups and no Windows cds it makes for a tough job.

When you have lost your Reinstallation CD and need to reformat the hard disk drive follow these instructions below and you should be golden!

Please note: For those of you with a broken Toshiba Satellite that has no recovery or reinstallation disks there is hope.

Manufacturers such as Toshiba, for years now have included a backup copy of the windows operating system on a secret part (partition) of the  hard drive that makes installing a backup copy of your Windows Software quick and easy…Thanks Toshiba Computer Engineers!

Enter system partition Toshiba Satellite.

If you have not altered the original hard disk drive then you should have a system partition usually labeled “D:\”.
During Bootup screen hit the F11 key and follow instructions. This will reinstall your operating system (usually Windows XP Home edition w/ Service Pack 2) and reinstall all of the original drivers and software that came with your PC from the factory.

How easy was that?

Toshiba Laptop Computer Repair Sales and Maintenance Service Company New Hampshire

If you need any further assistance please call 603 343-8331 for on site  computer repair in New Hampshire and Maine.

Please comment below and tell me if this page was helpful to you!

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