Class action lawsuit being organized against Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service.

worldwide publishers magazine scam

worldwide publishers magazine scam



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Chances are if you are reading this you are one of the 10’s of thousands of dissatisfied customers of Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service.

They probably called you up on the phone promising 5 or more magazines for $40 and a Diamond Watch. It sounded too good to be true…and it was.

As soon as I find out more information about the lawsuit I will let you all know.

So you think you’ve been ripped off by Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service?

My friend got a call from this magazine company from Redondo Beach California, and they told him he had won a drawing and would get 4 magazines for a year for a subscription payment of $49.90

He received a magazine and returned it because he changed his mind. He then called the company and they told him he owed $800+ dollars.

We now know that if you are having problems trying to cancel this transaction with worldwide publishers then you are not alone. When this article was first written no one had ever heard of worldwide publishers but now we are getting at least one a day telling me about what they did to people.

If you feel you have been duped by Worldwide Preffered Publishers Service then by all means make a complaint to the government at link below. Don’t let them get away with it!

Report this to the Federal Trade Commision by filling out a form at the below website.

Here’s the contact info i for Worldwide Publishers in Redondo Beach California you need it.

Phone: 310-318-5822

P.S. We do not make any claims as to the legitimacy of this complaint. We are only publishing what we have heard. The blog is not intended to defame Worldwide Publishers Service. The author has not validated the Legitimacy of any complaint made against Worldwide Publishers.

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84 Responses to Class action lawsuit being organized against Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service.

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  2. Alethea says:

    They are now going by South Bay Preferred Publishing company. I have also been able to track down 2 more phone#’s which are as follows:
    310-374-1823 If you call this one back it WILL just ring
    310-374-1741 Calling this WILL give you a person. She WILL most likely hang up on you once you tell her why you’re calling.

  3. Krystal says:

    I got the phone call back in 2005 and I am still paying. I have tried to cancel with worldwide preferred but they tell me that i will pay and that there is no way out of it. Now that i have moved they don’t even send me the magazines that they are suapost to send me but demand that i still pay them. What do I do. Does anyone have any advise?

  4. Blake says:

    i have a 3rd number for them


    if you have fallen for their scam.. dont wait, they will take all of your money

  5. Peterson Lim says:

    The only way that they can get you is if you subscribe to their magazine right?

    I was just being polite when I agreed to receiving the information packet.

    As long as I don’t pay for any magazines or anything, I should be fine, correct?

    • Casey says:

      I hope so. I was also being polite. As soon as they asked for my #, I said no I do not feel comfortable giving that information out over the phone when I do not know much about you.

  6. Patrick says:

    I too got a call from someone at this so called Worldwide Preferred Publishers, and I was told that I was chosen for a $1,000.00 online shopping spree, all I had to do was agree to recieve magazines for a cost of $49.56 a so called month. I googled them after I hung up and found alot of information about them being a scam. Checked my credit card acct. and the $49.56 was already taken out. I cancelled that acct. and got a new one and today another $49.56 was pulled out again. How can I stop them?

  7. Al says:

    Krystal. I would cancel my credit card or bank account and open a new account or get a new card to stop the charges. How can they charge you if they don’t have the account number. I doubt seriously they will send to a collection company knowing they are being dishonest the don’t want the attention.

    They called my work cell looking for my wife which are not sure how that happened. There is only one place with my wife name and my work cell and thats my auto finance company which I am looking into.

  8. Crystal says:

    I just got this service.. I have not received any magazines or anything that they have promised me. Also they called me saying they were the “Publisher Clearing House” and that I was in the drawing. I contacted the “PCH” and they said they have nothing to do with the World Wide Publishers. Isn’t that against the law to say you are one someone else. They even took out my money on the wrong date.. I did send back the letter for the watch they sent me and sent in a letter of cancelation with copies of everything. I am going to change my bank account tomorrow. Are they still going to send me a bill in the mail? Has any one had any cases with identity theft through this service…. NEED HELP!!!!
    ps… none of the numbers work to call them.

  9. Smokey says:

    I canceled my credit card, but is there anyway they can still come after my money?

  10. Nikki says:

    Just contanct your bank and have your bank information changed. If they aren;’t abiding by their agreement then you don’t have to pay anything unless your getting the service you’ve paid for. There is a way to cancel, and if they won’t let you cancel then cancel it on your own and change your credit card number and inform your bank and your can get their transactions blocked from taking any money from your account.

    • Megan says:

      I agreed to the magazines-and i thought it was a one time payment of the $49 but it wasn’t-after paying for 4 months-I tried to call and cancel-they said I had 3 days to cancel and since I didn’t then I have to pay over $1000. I changed my account infomation so they haven’;t been able to take anymore money out. They are now calling me and saying I have to pay them now or they are taking me to court and there would be extra fees. They also said they have my voice recorded agreeing to pay for these magazines. I am getting the magainzes even though I have tried to cancel. Do I have to pay them? I don’t know if they are real when they say they are taking me to court.

  11. Brianna says:

    I got a call in 2006 also and was duped into this scam. I finally got ahold of a customer service person who told me I could cancel, but would have to pay them the rest of the “subscription”. I filed a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the resolved it. I got the subscribtion cancelled and owe them no more money.

  12. Ammyless says:

    I have been sent to collections by this company for trying to stop the magazines. After I opted to renew I ended up owing over $800 not knowing the $40 dollars was or 2 years! Now I receive calls everyday by collections an WorldWide.

  13. PATRICE says:


  14. RICO says:


  15. Catherine Lankford says:

    Worldwide Publishers Service ripped me off as well they try to get money out my credit card account more than the ammount we agree without my authorazation they keep calling me and talk very abusive on the phone
    does anyone know how can i stop this I also have proof that they try to get more money out of my account

  16. Lexa says:

    My brother has been scammed too! Please help!!!
    After 11 month in Iraq, he is now in Afghanistan for the next 14 months, so his mail has been forward to my mothers house. We notice that there is a ridiculous number of magazines delivered to my mother’s house weekly from this Worldwide Preferred Publishing Services, with my brothers first name misspelled. Some of the magazines, we know for a fact, he wouldn’t read even if they were FREE. We questioned my brother about the magazines coming in but he has no clue why the magazines are being mailed to him. We gave him a number to call and find out what’s going-on (he only gets to call home about twice per month if he is lucky). My brother called the number on the statement and was told that he ORDERED the magazines, can’t cancel, and that he owes $1,009.60 total, due immediately or it will be reported to his credit!!! Since my brother has a limit on calls, I tried to contact the company to help but they want nothing to do with me. They want only talk to him and insist that he needs to pay NOW! Meanwhile, even though my brother asked that they stop sending this magazines that he never ordered, the magazines are still pouring in at my mother’s house. I will try and do as Brianna did and file a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). And I’ll tell you what…if my brother is obligated to pay the $1,009.60 that Worldwide Preferred Publishing Services claims he owes, my family will gladly put out of our packet $1,009.60 towards an attorney and we’ll see if Worldwide Preferred Publishing Services will tell the attorney they will only deal with my brother!!!

  17. Christina says:

    I have been scammed too!! I finally got a phone # to work only to have to leave a message. We’ll see if they call back, they have before. I did pay for magazines for about three years and still continue to recieve some but as usual I start getting mags I didn’t subscribe to, and I haven’t received the 7 I was promised only 5.I have alot of money invested in this so I expect to receive magazines for a long time without paying another red cent!!!!!!

    This was a lesson learned!!!

  18. Ashley says:

    I was sending in my payments and then realized they were also taking payments from my credit card. When I called to ask them why this was they told me it was because I had two different accounts and in order to close one of them I needed to pay $900. Both of the accounts had the exact same magazines on them. Why would I pay for two copies of the same magazine? I was only receiving one set anyways.

  19. katherine says:

    if i try to cancel .i will still have to pay. i had to cancel my credit card account because someone was taking my money. so it was probable worldwide preferred publishers.

  20. greg says:

    I would like to forwarn people about this scam. the company talked about here is not an acredited comp. they have already cost me more than i can aford, and i would like to get it back if at all possible. if anyone knows off a law suit against them please let evry one involved get even with the crooked ppl.

  21. NATHAN L SCHMIDT says:


  22. Kyle says:

    I got a call yesterday from some settlement company about my contract with Worldwide. Apparently they’re planning to take me to court for $900+, not including court costs. I don’t know what to do….anyone have any advice?

    • Julie Fickle says:

      Yes – go to ripoff report and scambusters, print out the complaints against them, also print out the comments on this blog. Send a copy of all of this to their “attorney” or legal department or whoever they will tell you will accept a letter from you. Once you have all the copies, sent a nice but short letter to them letting them know that you are aware of their scam, there are people who are about to sue them in a class action suit. Ask if they would like to continue to harass you by mail and by phone so you can present it to the class action attorneys. YOU OWE THEM NOTHING – STANDUP FOR YOURSELF AND TELL THEM TO GET LOST. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR THEM TO REPRESENT TO YOU THAST THEY ARE GOING TO SUE YOU. IF they call again , record the conversation so you can prove they are threatening you.

  23. liz says:

    I also signed up being gullible I guess, after giving a credit card numbet that I haven’t used in 2 years. I got a call from the credit card company asking if I was trying to use that card for large purchase at Best Buy online. Apparrently someone with that company was online trying to buy a computer. They tried 6 times with different amounts and all were declined. Thank God I thought about what card I was giving so it would flag me if this was some kind of scam. I have changed the credit card and will cancel it too! They did however get me for two months of 47.90 because the card company said I did give them the information. But that is all they will get.

  24. John says:

    Ive signed up and got scammed. They said they wouldnt take any money out for a month but when i check my account after i hung up there was money withdrawn. Today i got something different in the mail so i called and it was some “Credit company” saying that i owe 800+ dollars but could settle for less. This is bullshit and these people should be sued for everyhting they got. All they are doing is fucking with peoples lives. Dont fall for anyting cause there just scaring you to settle or to pay. Also, this company said they would bring you to court but this is them trying to scare you to settle or pay your bill. We all need to get together and do somehting about this seriously. Im headin to college and dont need this shit coming up and stressing me out. You know?
    Anyone who wants in contact me and lets do somehting about it. Contact me at and leave me a detailed message about what happened to you and ill save every report and contact a higher authority.

  25. lyra says:

    So I got about 12 phonecalls in 1 day from an unknown #. I finally picked up and it was somebody who was trying to dupe me by telling me I won bla bla bla..alls I would have to do is “support” some of these magazines…. before I can start asking any questions he put through my “order” and passed me along to “amy”. She admitted that she was there to close the deal…she was very aggressive in trying to get any banking info from me…I refused. I told her I don’t want it. She said it’s too late and out of her hands. I told her I’m not giving her my info. She said she’l call me tomorrow…. well actually I will be contacting bbb , ftc and my lawyer. So when sshe calls I’m armed. I will threaten an investigation and ask to see a signed contract that she said I’m supposedly locked into for the next 2 years. I don’t think so. I’ll let u all know how that goes.

  26. Tracy B. says:

    My 84 yr old mother got a call from Preferred Publishers Service on 8/17/09 claiming they were from TV Guide and would renew her subscription over the phone. Unfortunately she gave them her checking acct information and didn’t realize it until she got her bank statement. TV Guide has never heard of them. I’m going to take this up with the bank/ FTC & BBB but if there’s a class action suit to get them to stop these abusive & costly practices, count me in.

  27. heather says:

    I too was scamed by these people and just to let all of you know, they will send you to collections because I just got a letter in the mail today and now I have to pay them each month. they have to be doing something illegal and I am going to see what can be done to stop them.

  28. Nell Henry says:

    I have been told i owe over a thousand dollars when i didnt even sign up for anything!!!!!!!!!! Please someone help!

  29. eluise hannah says:

    I am avictim of worldwide publishers.They promised me a vacation,$1000 shopping spree, and a watch. I received the watch and nothing else. They recently had a lawyer to send me aletter in the mail threating to take me to court over a two hundred dollar and something bill. They left a number and when i tried to call the number and it would’nt even go through.

    • Julie Fickle says:

      It is against the law for these people to threaten to sue you – the Fair Debt Collection Act prevents them – tell them to stop the harassment and send them copies of all the ripoff report and scambusters complaints against them – I guarantee you they will stop.

  30. betty blaise says:

    catherine, hun if you have proof, you can open a lawsuit. cause all this is a fake. I too fell for it,I was told that i won a $1,000.00 online shopping spree, but i had to buy the magazines, ya know the same thing everyone else has been told and all this happened yesterday on October 27,2009 and i cant get a valid number to contact them. but as soon as i contact a lawyer and all i will get all this taken care of and it will be more known to public than on the internet.

  31. betty blaise says:

    ok i have 3 seperate #’s for this place in florida, 1-352-688-1093 in weeki wachee springs and this number is also weeki wachee springs 1-352-688-0374. and one in fort lauderdale 1-954-493-8382

  32. annonymus says:

    Since when does confirm and verify a subscribtion equal to renewing a new subscription? times 4???

  33. EDGARDO SANES says:

    Do they have any legal recourse against us if we simply stop making payments? I keep getting these magazines that I don’t even read and don’t care for.

    • Deborah Reidinger says:

      I will not be paying for magazines that I have cancelled.I have called them numerous times and now they have creditors after me that do not even have this companies correct numbers.Luckily I never gave them information on credit cards or bank accts.
      Also they have more then 1 creditor and the one now is not ligit,you need to check those companies too online..And now they are going by a different name which is Southbay preferred publishers.Sound fishy??

  34. Brian says:

    I was also promised A name brand diamond watch,received a coupon for some unknown generic brand i’ve never heard of.also they said I was one month past due for 47.90 & immediataly referred acct to collections..It is virtually impossible to reach them by phone.They definetly misrepresent themselves.Total Scam If You Ask Me..

  35. zebra says:

    A magazine company from Florida recently made calls claiming a person won a $1000 gift card from purchases made using their Visa or Mastercard on Black Friday.

    They deduct that money right away. No sooner had my friend called me about that uneasy feeling we were online checking the bank account and it was already a pending transaction…

    Christmas time is always a difficult period to understand someone may be evil, but during this recession is especially daunting.

  36. Callie says:

    How much info is necessary to give them until they can start collecting money? I’ve heard of things in the past where they can figure out all acct. info simply from your name and what type card you use. This sucks!

  37. Bob says:

    I was also taken by these scum bags. Last June I received a call from somebody that said that she was from PCH after all was said and done I called PCH to make sure it was them that called me. It was not but she told me about these slime balls that were using their name. She gave me a number to call and cancel my order. I called and was told fat chance they had all the info they need to remove monies from my account. I told them if they did that I would seek legal and other ways to put a stop to this B.S.
    They did take one months payment out of my checking account. I went to my bank and explained what was going on and cancelled that account opened another account and have had no further deductions taken from my bank.
    However they still called me about 2 or 3 times a week. I slowed that down by inviting the lady that kept calling to come to SC so we could F&^%*
    She hung up and I did not get anymore calls for a month or so. Than I receved a call from a jerk named Chris he told me I would not receive any more calls from them ( He lied) Yesterday I had enough and contacted The BBB and filed an on line complaint SO far they have been very helpful I would strongly advise all who have been ripprd off by these crooked a**&^%* to do the same. Who knows what this money is being used for prehaps it is used to feed evil of the world

  38. ALLIE says:

    IF any one is dealing with the collection agencies and knows what to do… they are threating to send me to court at the end of the month and i dont know what to do! anyone with information that could help would be awesome! i dont know how they can do this to people!

  39. Carmen says:

    My aunt got a call from these people saying that she could order one set of magazines from them with a one time payment of 19.95. She told to wait until the first of the month to charge her account,but call her before they do it. Well they charge her account anyway then she never got the books. She let the bank know to stop any more transactions because she didn’t what they might do. They called her and told her that they couldn’t get a payment from her account and she told them she hadn’t received any books and that they were suppose to call her first. About a week later she gets a letter from the collection agency saying that she owes 600.00 dollars. This is awful.If anyone reads this and can help me help her e-mail me.

  40. Lauren Haley says:

    I’m ready lets sue and get our hard earned money back i’m pissed!

  41. marianna says:

    today i accepted this offer now i realized that it was a wrong misteake and i am now freaking out i do not know what to do if to cancel my credit card but what if i get a lawsuit from them later down the road or charged 800dlls like most people are commenting here. can someone HELP please!!!

    • ACEssential says:

      Do cancel your card I did it a long time ago. They sent me to a collection agency but I am going to dispute it if it is a real agency. When I call the agency the line goes dead or busy the number is 18007345408. If you do not cancel they will continue to take your money.

  42. celly says:

    My fiance received a call from from them and they said they were from Publisher’s Clearing House and he had won a diamond watch and free magazines and was entered to win $1,000,000. Long story short, we got statements from World Wide Preferred Publishers and 2 other different “so called” magazine companies and we’ve argues over the phone and tried to cancel the subscription we never ordered and we had to change our credit card. I work for a law firm and we’ve checked into it and it’s a huge scam. Do NOT pay them any money. Also report them to the BBB, the FTC (federal trade commission) and the Attorney General. Save all magazines and copies of any statements or correspondence they have sent you.

    • ACEssential says:

      Thank you so much for the information!!

    • JOnnah-Leigh Cruz says:

      I have come to realize that this is a scam and it got deducted out of my account. so if i get sent to a collection agency I do not have to pay for this right? I can dispute it? how do i dispute it though?

  43. ACEssential says:

    Hello all, I too have fell for this scam and tried to cancel after a few weeks and they would not let me. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection agency.Credit & Collection Solutions Inc. and it says my past due amount is 297.36 and to pay in full I owe them $1,338.12. I am glad I looked at this site, I was about to pay the past due amount but I will not after this. If it goes on my credit report I will dispute it. That explains why the lady did not want me to let them sned me to cllections. Any suggestions or further information please let me know at

    • Julie Fickle says:

      You do not have to pay them a penny. In fact, you can print out this website (I think pages 2 and 3 are enough) Also, go to scambusters website as well, they have a lot of irate people on there about these guys who are also known as “Heartland”.

      I’ve been a paralegal for 20 years and I can tell you that these are the most despicable of scammers. They prey upon the young, the elderly and the unschooled about scammers and ripoff artists. They get angry if you don’t want to play ball in their ballfield by their rules.

      Here’s what you do. Send a cease and desist letter to them. I will give you the template for it at the end of this blog. After you write the letter, send it by return receipt requested so you get proof that they received it. When you send the letter which you must make a copy of to keep for yourself, send the copy of the two pages I mentioned you should print out of this blog reflecting the complaints against them and the discussion of a class action suit being considered.

      Once you send what I described they should stop bothering you and/or taking money out of your checking account or billing your credit card. If they do not abide by the cease and desist rules mentioned in your letter, take the recordings of their calls to you after you have given them the chance to stop harassing you, a copy of your letter and proof that they received your letter, go to the State Attorney General of your state (mail it if you aren’t close enough to the state’s government offices)and let them know about those clowns at Worldwide, carbon copy the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

      The only thing that will stop these nimrods is the threat of sanctions by the government and loss of money by a class action lawsuit.

      Also, the people calling and writing to you, telling you or giving you the impression they are lawyers, are lying and violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977, when they threaten you with legal action.

      Here is the template for the letter:

      Your name & address

      Their name and address
      (Company Harassing you )

      Re: The debt being collected (Visa, Mastercard, American express, etc.)

      Dear Sir or Madam:

      You are hereby notified under the provisions of Public Laws 95-109 and 99-361, also known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your services are no longer desired.

      You and your organization must CEASE and DESIST all attempts to collect the above debt. Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediatly filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and this state’s Attorney General’s office. I will pursue all criminal and civil claims against you and your company.

      Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any further telephone conversations that we may have in the future.

      Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after recipt of this notice, this will cause me to file suite against you and your orgaination, both personally and corporately, to seek any and all legal remedies available to me by law.

      Since it is my policy neither to recognize nor deal with collections agencies, I intend to settle this acccount with the original creditor.


      Let me know how this works out for you. You can email me at:

  44. M_Spice says:

    I too have been scammed by WPPS, they said I had won a 1,000$ shopping spree to I’ve attempted to contact them over 10 different phone numbers and none of them work. I tried to contact the Customer Service(what a joke.) number for and it asked me to leave a message. I’m not sure what to do now, help me please!

  45. Cindy says:

    My daughter got caught up in this scam. Not only did this company try to collect, but other magazine companies started calling acting like they were the agent for this company, only to turn out that they too were trying to scam her into paying additional money. I just now got off the phone with Worldwide. I have told them time after time that we wanted a copy of any contract that my daughter entered into. they told me it was a tape recorded verbal contract. I asked to hear the recording. after about 45 minutes of being on hold, they came back and told me that they could not locate the recording and that they would then have to cancel the contract and gave me a cancellation code. i hope that this takes care of the calls we have been getting many times a day from this company. we will pull her credit report in a couple of weeks to make sure that it has not been affected.

  46. Lori says:

    I received a call today from a Tina saying I won $1,000 shopping spree and just had to pay shipping/handling. Then, she started talking about magazines. She said they would send me packet. She asked my birthdate and what I did for a living. She said her supervisor would call back to make sure she did a good job. He called in about 15 minutes and said I ordered magazines. I said I wasn’t interested. He said if I wasn’t that he wouldn’t be calling. I told him again I wasn’t interested and hung up. Now what? I never gave him any account numbers.


  47. Brooke says:

    I have officially been able to cancel. You need to call this number 1-877-229-7830. I explained to them the federal trade commission’s law that states ““Bonus Merchandise: By law, a company must ship the merchandise within 30 days of receiving your order. If the merchandise can’t be shipped within that time, the company may offer you an equivalent alternative. If you don’t want the alternative, you can cancel your membership. The company must honor your cancellation request.” ( and told them I never received my bonus gift that was offered and that they no longer have permission to bill my card. I also asked for written notification to be sent to me stating that I have officially been removed.

  48. Amber says:

    unfortunatly, I am one of those who fell into their trap and tried to get out of it and now they are saying I owe them loads of money. I am interested in learning more about this lawsuit though.

  49. Donna says:

    I happen to be one of the unfortunate. I received the call in October 2009. They started deducting in December for $49.90, then in April 2010 my account was sent to collections. So I decided to do some checking on the internet and learned that that i was snookered (screwed). Becoming angry I contacted all the magazines personally and cancelled my subscriptions, then i contacted the Better Business Bureau. I urge everyone to do the samething. I also want to know more about the lawsuit–I want in on that. Please let me know.

  50. george todd says:

    I also was scamed by worldwide preferred service. they took out money from my account and they are now sending bills and are saying i owe more money than i should. i also told them from the beginning i did not want any magazines but they still keep harrassing me. i have turned them in to the Indiana state police and the BBB. They have now turned me in to a collections agent.
    comment by george todd may 25 2010 @ 5:30 pm

  51. greg belknap says:

    i had to change my bank account to keep those money sucking scumbags from takking my money

  52. Aerio says:

    My god! Worldwide publishers had called me everyday and i don’t care for magazines, but Worldwide publishers had some cooking things that could be useful. So this woman at Worldwide publishers told me to wait and connected me to her supervisor and she asked me to tell him that she was friendly and polite if i found her that way and i did once a man named ‘Tony’ from Worldwide publishers came on. He said they would give me a $300 Gas Card just for signing up the year and all I have to do is pay 49.90 every month. I said that seems like a lot and he went over the numbers, it’s basically the cost of 6 magazines per week for a month, 29.90. only to pay it off faster, they made it 49.90 and you’ll then get a year free of magazines when your done and then you can change or cancel anytime.

    Well, 7 weeks went by, i didn’t get the gas card nor the magazines, so i called the number, a man named Luis. I told him i’m canceling, they already took 100.50 out of my account for the ‘first payment’ and ‘starting fee’. i told him i’m canceling. and hte man said well it will be 300 to cancel. three-hundred dollars! I said why? he said because i already agreed to the ‘contract’ as it was explained. Hidden fees in a fucking contract is nothing anyone explained! they said ‘cancel anytime if your not happy’. Even television comericals don’t tack on hundreds of dollars.

    Now Worldwide publishers sent me a large fee for ‘not paying’ What the fuck? my account didn’t change how would it be not paying? Not to mention all this crap, i called the Sundusky ohio number and it doesn’t exsist and niether does the numbers i got off from everyone else on this site. Muther of bastitches, i hope these scamming douchebags burn for this.

  53. Quinta Hobb says:

    Yo i feel for the same trap too. If every one file a complaint to this nuber 1 800-869-1123 they will start an investigation for this company, but they wont do any thing if only one person complain about the scam.

  54. Mist R says:

    They didn’t make a fancy promise to me. They did associate themselves with PCH. They are calling me and will not listen when I tell them that I am unemployed and they will not cancel the subscriptions. The last agent I dealt with accused me of making a habit of opening accounts and not paying them.
    As near as I can figure out they aren’t selling magazines. They are selling loans and this is why they will not accept a cancellation. However, they do not tell people that because no one in their right mind finances the purchase of magazines.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    I also fell into the trap of this scam. I was contacted by Worldwide Preferred Publishers and told I won a 1,000 dollar shopping spree and a great offer on magazines. She asked what I did for a living, and upon telling her I was on disability, she said the price of the magazines was lowered by $10 per payment, as some kind of courtesy thing. Well, I gave them a bunch of my information, including credit card numbers and what credit card company I was with. I was then told to please put in a good word for her, her supervisor would be contacting me to verify information and see how her service was. I was then contacted less than 5 minutes later by this woman’s “supervisor”. I asked a few questions, and they somehow seemed legitimate in my head…. Luckily, after getting off the phone with this man, I went downstairs and told my mother what had just happened. She told me it was most likely a scam and that I should report it to my bank. Less than 15 minutes from the call with the scammers, they had already withdrawn 39.90 for magazines. I had to cancel my account and was told that I can dispute the charge already made once it cleared. I intend on contacting the BBB with the information I have just posted so they are better aware of this scam.

    Don’t be fooled by these people like I was.

  56. Ryan says:

    I have the same problem also. Three months ago I went on a trip and called to cancel my account. The guy I talked to said that my account was cancelled and that I would recieve written notification that my account was closed. When I got back I had a boatload of voicemails from them saying that they were having a problem with my credit card. When I called them the lady said that there were no men working with them and that my account was delinquent. Also in order for my account to be closed I had to pay the remainder of my contract $500+. She told me that they pay a 30 month contract with the magazine companies and that I was reimbursing them. On the advice of another on this blog I will be sending Worldwide a Cease and Desist letter and I suggest others do the same.

  57. Elaina Kennedy says:

    Similiar story as listed.. I just got scammed today for $49.90 /month for 5 magazines because I had won a 3 day 2 night all paid for vacation …the first fee has already been processed..I will go to the bank tomorrow to change card number or even put a hold on the whole account to make sure I don’t get charged. There was a few people I spoke to when I had the call, one by the name of Steven Riley. I doubt that’s his real name. The woman who called me back a few minutes later to “verifty” said they were out of Fort Lauderdale FL.. the name of the company was publishers service. I told them to cancel them several times… All these numbers came up on my phone: 954 414 7313, 954 202 7904 and said their 800 number was 800 269 4179
    DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, DO NOT give out your credit card #
    Let’s stop this….

  58. zandra aquino says:

    Please lets do something about this.I paid my balance for this magazines in 2009 and since then they have not taken anything from my card. And then I got a call two days ago (12/21/10) if I have been receiving my magazine. I told them I have been. I am figuring that they still owe me several subscription for what I paid. However, they said that I have 20 more months of payment to do. I was shock because I thought I paid my balance in 2009. But thank God, my card had expired! I told them that I paid the balance and I am not supposed to be charged anymore. Thanks for all this info. and let us push for the crime to be paid.

  59. ted middleton says:

    Preferred renewal service 800 881 8335 of Birmingham, AL called relentlessly i told them that i have no need for magazines since i’m always traveling and get them from the news stand. So they go on to say that they are trying to cancel my automatic renewal from a company out of FL. and to answer yes on all the questions except the last one. As he start rambling as fast as an auctioneer i said no to some of the questions, he started over. needless to say 3 days later i got not 1 but 2 bills for 49.90 that was automatically taken from my account. the following work day i called 800 881 8335 to cancel, and the lady said it was taken care of, the next day i get a call saying that i made a verbal agreement and was obligated. i told him that i was carged twice for something that i didnt want or need. And why would i ever do beuisinees with a company that cant even scam right. he says they have been around for 25 yrs (funny cuz the letters say they’ve been around for 35yrs) after some choice words that included me contacting my attorney he said they are going to cancel my accounts $ will be refunnded in 3 to 5 days and if i had any other questions to call 888 299 8297. so i 6 days i’ll fill you in more.

  60. Ruben says:

    Yea they(Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service) tricked me in only making one payment of $19.99 for 12 magazines of any kind… it was like a promotion or something then when I was getting calls from them that I owe $50 dollars a month and at first they sent Maxim magazines only one then some that I don’t even read also.
    I’m like what the f@$@. So when they called again I had to pay like $200 dollars more. I’m like u know what I’ll pay it but cancel everything this will be my last payment. Then they were charging me like $1000.00 and I’m like wait what the hell i told u aint paying any more cuz first of all what you sent me isn’t what I read and second of all it was only $19.99 not monthly. Worldwide Publishers record everything so I know if they want to f$?@ with me I’ll sue them. Cuz I know they recored when I told them Cancel everything I have with you.

  61. To all comment subscribers
    thank you for all of the comments in regards to worldwide preferred publishers. We have saved many people from being duped by this “scam magazine company”. Remember to first cancel your credit card and file a complaint with the better business bureau and with the Federal Trade Commission at the following address

  62. jadejvc says:

    hello I was also schemed into this scam and after the 1st bill I wanted to cancel and mine is called magazine publisher service and when I read everything I thought something was wrong when it said I couldnt cancel until after 12 months of paying 60$ /month and I wouldn’t raseave any mags until 4 months of paying them and maybe 30 days after the 4 months. so i went on a bunch of sites like this to understand what was going on and what to do. everything is the same, a free thing (watch diamond) which isnt a designer watch or diamond like they said it would be and the mags arent even the mags i said. so i went to my bank and told the lady about it and showed her my bill/letter from them about my agreement and she told me to cancel my visa so i did yesterday and now today, the next day they called me asking to talk about my account. i said ok and hung up cause i really dont know what to say yet. what should i do when they call again? oh yeah ps i also read on another site about this that when they threaten to report u to the collections its accually them pretending to be a collections agency

  63. Rich Robbin says:

    You guys are all morons how the hell do you buy shit over the phone from some telemarketer. You guys deserve to have your accounts depleted for being so stupid. The best part is people are still buying these magazines today. preferred publishers making people look like straight morons since 1990.

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