Laptop Screen Repair

Affordable Laptop Screen Repair in New Hampshire

Last week at Fowler Computer we had a family in New Hampshire in need of a laptop screen repair or in this case replacement. They had called for an onsite visit to diagnose & troubleshoot a printer and  wireless network connectivity issues. Once all of that was repaired that’s when  we were shown a HP G72 Laptop with a broken screen. The screen was dropped off the deck accidentally and it was smashed up significantly, certainly not in any shape to be repaired without ordering a new LCD replacement screen. In case you haven’t looked around before some computer stores are charging upwards of 500 to 600 dollars to replace a  LCD screen.

Laptop Screen Repair Experts | Seacoast NH ME

Laptop Screen Repair Experts from New Hampshire to Maine

Today I installed the new17.2″ LCD screen in the laptop, fired it up and its ready to go back to its N.H. home for much less than other stores wanted to charge.

Why Fowler Computer?

Our business philosophy is to take care of our customers needs while having as little impact on the environment and our customers wallets. This means you should get a second opinion if something doesn’t sound right (like an outrageous repair quote for a laptop screen). Call today to get a reasonable quote from us.

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If you need your Laptop Screen Repaired onsite in New Hampshire, or MaineBANNER_Web_FowlerComputer2 please call for a free quote today. We can help you save hundreds of dollars.


 LCD Screen Sizes

12.1″ | 14″ | 15″ | 15.4″ | 15.6″| 15.7″ | 16″ | 17″ | 17.2″ | 17.3″ |

Popular 17″ Laptop Computers


MSI GE70 2OE-017US

Asus g750jx-db71

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